Colleges That Offer Free Laptops

If you’re in college, the use of laptops has become pretty much mandatory to keep up with your studies. This is because laptops and Ipads are very integral in completing projects and assignments that require the use of technology.

To enroll in classes online, students must have access to a computer or laptop. They must also be able to log in and finish their homework via the internet.

However, online students aren’t the only ones who use a computer to learn. Even on-campus programs are increasingly requiring students to have computers or tablets.

Some institutions now provide free laptops to college students to make it simpler for them to satisfy this technological requirement. This device’s price is frequently included in the school’s tuition and fees.

Both of these alternatives allow students to attend college courses online using a laptop. Whatever the arrangement, students can save money by picking an institution that provides laptops because of a student discount ranging from $300 to $2,000.

The following is a list of the best colleges in the country that provide free laptops. Many institutions enable students to keep their gadgets once they finish their degrees. Some institutions offer students considerable savings on software in addition to complimentary computers.

Colleges That Offer Free Laptops

Top Colleges That Offer Free Laptops

#1 Top Colleges That Offer Free Laptops

Ohio State provides new students with a technology package as part of its Digital Flagship initiative. An iPad Air 4, accessories, and enough storage for a year’s worth of coursework are included in the technology packages.

Incoming first-year students, select transfer and delayed-start students, and military students enrolled at Ohio State in autumn 2018 or later are all eligible program applicants.

To get their technology kit, students must enroll at Ohio State and sign a student technology agreement. Following graduation, Ohio State hands over ownership of the gadget to the student.

#2 Top Colleges That Offer Free Laptops

Through Project Launchbox, Full Sail gives fully outfitted PCs to new students. Every laptop has a Launchbox technology package that is specific to the student’s field of study. A multitude of digital creative tools enhances digital cinematography, music composition, game art and design, and sports marketing and media.

A multitude of digital creative tools enhances digital cinematography, music composition, game art and design, and sports marketing and media.

The cost of Project Launchbox is included in the tuition, and students are not charged more for their laptops or related software. Depending on their degree, students may have staggered access to various tools and resources between their first and second years of undergraduate education.

#3 Top Colleges That Offer Free Laptops

Duke provides a free laptop as part of the David M. Rubenstein Scholarship. This four-year, loan-free financial assistance package includes tuition, room, and board, and a fully equipped laptop computer. Students receive their smartphones on the first day of class. The prize is open to low-income and first-generation college students.

A laptop is included with the David M. Rubenstein Scholarship. This four-year, loan-free financial assistance package includes tuition, room, and board, and a fully equipped laptop computer. Students receive their smartphones on the first day of class. The prize is open to low-income and first-generation college students.

#4 Top Colleges That Offer Free Laptops

IU provides graduate and undergraduate programs in Salt Lake City, Utah, both online and on campus. Students who attend sessions in person receive a free laptop when they enroll. Students who study online are given a free laptop and tablet.

After graduation, students are free to keep their laptops and/or tablets. IU installs the most up-to-date software on these devices, as well as resources tailored to each learner’s course of study. In addition, all students have access to IU’s counseling, tutoring, and career services.

#5 Top Colleges That Offer Free Laptops

Moravian was named an Apple Distinguished School for the first time in 2018. As a result, every undergraduate student at Moravian receives a free Apple MacBook Pro and iPad. Individuals who accept their admittance offer and pay an enrollment deposit are eligible to get their devices.

After graduation, Moravian enables students to keep their laptops and tablet. International and transfer students are also eligible for free gadgets, which the institution extends beyond first-year students. Students may also use a full-service site for technological assistance, IT problems, and equipment rentals.

#6 Top Colleges That Offer Free Laptops

In 2008, RU became the first institution in Michigan to provide all new undergraduate students with an Apple MacBook. Today, all full-time undergraduates, as well as part-time, early-college, and dual-enrollment students, are eligible for a free MacBook Pro or iPad if they fulfill admission deadlines for the next fall or spring semester.

Students must attend RU for at least six semesters in order to maintain their MacBook, and four semesters in order to keep their iPad free of charge after graduation. To obtain their device, students must sign a contract with RU. Students, on the other hand, “own” the gadget ahead of time because the warranty is in their name.

#7 Top Colleges That Offer Free Laptops

As part of VCSU’s laptop initiative, full-time students receive a new laptop. Depending on availability, part-time students may be able to choose between a current-model computer and a previous-model computer.

Whether a student receives a MacBook Pro or a Windows laptop from VCSU is determined by their major; some programs have specific hardware requirements. Students in art, music, and social science are given Mac computers, whereas students in business, natural sciences, and medicine are given PCs.

#8 Top Colleges That Offer Free Laptops

Chatham provides each incoming first-year student with a new MacBook Air during orientation. This gear is required for all undergraduate programs at the institution, and it includes access to campus Wi-Fi as well as technical support. The laptop is also backed by a four-year warranty against theft and accidental damage.

The laptop is covered by Chatham’s technology fee. Students sign a contract ensuring that after graduation, Chatham would transfer ownership of the property to the student. Students may also use CampusNexus, the university’s intranet, as well as free versions of popular apps like Office 365 and Skype for Business.

#9 Top Colleges That Offer Free Laptops

Strayer provides new or readmitted students enrolled in an online bachelor’s degree with a new laptop. Upon enrolling, students must register for a bachelor’s degree and sign a laptop agreement.

Students can retain the laptop for free if they enroll in at least three-quarters of coursework. Students must either return the laptop or pay $350 if they do not. This laptop program is not available to continuing students or transfer candidates who accept Strayer’s offer to cap tuition at $20,000 for bachelor’s programs.

#10 Top Colleges That Offer Free Laptops

All full-time traditional undergraduates at Seton Hill are given a MacBook Air. Students in several graduate programs, such as art therapy, orthodontics, and physical therapy, are given complimentary computers.

Seton Hill has been designated as an Apple Distinguished School. The university’s Mobile Learning at the Hill program also offers learning assistance through the Teaching and Learning Center, as well as on-site tech support through AppleCare. While their computer difficulties are being handled, students needing IT assistance can borrow a MacBook Air.

#11 Top Colleges That Offer Free Laptops

Bethel provides free computers to students enrolled in graduate or career programs as part of the Tennessee Laptop Program. Candidates for the laptop must be Tennessee residents enrolled in Bethel’s Graduate School or College of Adult and Professional Studies. After completing their online orientation, students will get a Dell Latitude 2290 2-in-1 computer.

If a student withdraws from their program within the first term, they must return the laptop. Students enrolling at Bethel’s College of Arts and Sciences or seminary do not receive free computers.

#12 Top Colleges That Offer Free Laptops

The recipients of ISU’s Sycamore Technology Award receive a new laptop. All incoming first-year students who apply and complete their FAFSA by the deadline will be automatically considered. Candidates must be enrolled full-time to be considered.

Students must be Pell Grant qualified to be considered for the Sycamore Technology Award. This prize is given to students who enroll in the spring or autumn semesters at ISU. International students, returning students, and distance learners are not eligible.

#13 Top Colleges That Offer Free Laptops

All on-campus students at Northwest are given a laptop to utilize while pursuing their degrees. Students can be enrolled in either a graduate or undergraduate degree, and they can reside on or off-campus. Learners enrolling in online professional programs, on the other hand, are not eligible.

Students who meet the requirements will get an HP Probook 440 G7 with a solid-state hard drive preinstalled with Windows 10 and Office 365. To be eligible for this laptop program, graduate and undergraduate students must enroll in at least nine or twelve credits, respectively. Northwest also offers all users on campus extensive technical assistance.

#14 Top Colleges That Offer Free Laptops

UMC has been providing free laptops to all on-campus students and professors since 1993, making it one of the first schools to do so. UMC has partnered with HP to incorporate cutting-edge technologies into its laptop lineup.

For the first time in 2019, UMC offered a two-in-one tablet to all incoming students, the HP 1040 G5. Candidates must finish a minimum of six credits on campus and pay technological expenses to maintain the laptop each semester. UMC evaluates online learners’ eligibility for the laptop program on a case-by-case basis.

#15 Top Colleges That Offer Free Laptops

All full-time students at Maryville receive iPads when they enroll for coursework. During the 2015-2016 academic year, the university trialed this program, dubbed Digital World, with a limited group of students. In 2016-2017, all conventional undergraduates and certain graduate students became eligible.

The iPads at Maryville University have access to the university’s cloud and are packed with the textbooks, assignments, and applications that students will need to complete their degrees. Students may personalize their iPads using programs such as Netflix and FaceTime. After graduation, students are free to retain their iPads.

How to Get a Free or Discounted Laptop for College

If you’re a college student who’s interested in getting a free laptop, the best places to look are schools that offer free laptops for students or have loaner laptop programs. These schools offer some type of laptop program or scholarship that covers a student’s technology needs, from laptop to printer or other supplies, which can save you significant cash. Most of these programs also give students the ability to upgrade their technology as they need.

If the college you want to attend is not on our list, contact an admissions officer at your school and inquire whether they provide any assistance to students in order for them to obtain laptops or tablets.

Why do online schools give students free laptops?

Online schools have been growing at a rapid rate as more people take advantage of the opportunity to further their education online. There are plenty of online schools that offer students a free laptop if they sign up for classes. These laptops are free because the school knows that students need a computer to do any classwork or research. If a college or university provides those resources to a student, they know they will be more likely to enroll and do well in their online classes.

Choose a School That Will Lend You a Laptop

Some colleges lend laptops to students instead of giving them out. For instance, Santa Ana College uses the Digital Dons program to allow students to borrow laptop computers for a term at a time. Students enrolling in the program must agree to keep their laptops to themselves and use them for academic purposes only.

Use Scholarship or Grant Money

Some scholarships and grants are restricted to simply covering tuition and fees, while others are more flexible. Some forms of financial help allow you to spend funds to purchase books and materials, as well as necessary equipment such as a laptop or tablet.

Look for Companies That Offer Education Discounts

You might be able to convince a computer business to give you a discount because of your education. Lenovo, for example, provides a 5% discount to students and instructors who use to authenticate their identity. Some Apple laptops also come with educational discounts.

Check Your Local Library

You might be able to borrow a laptop from your local library. Most libraries have rules on how long you may keep these devices and if you can take them out. For example, members of the San Francisco Public Library can use laptops for up to two hours each day.

Search Third-Party Websites

Another option to save money on a laptop is to purchase one that has already been used. Sellers may post new or used products, including laptops, on sites like Craigslist and OfferUp in their local market. Purchasers and sellers can meet in person to complete the deal, providing buyers the opportunity to view the items. On eBay, buyers may find both new and secondhand computers. However, use caution when dealing with third-party suppliers, as they are not always trustworthy.

Additional Resources for Free or Discounted Laptops

Notebooks for Students is a non-profit that provides discounted laptops to students in college, high school, elementary school, and homeschooling.

Computers With Causes receives used or surplus computers and delivers them to students, instructors, schools, and other deserving recipients.

With Causes repurposes and recycles computers to benefit the unemployed and underemployed. Educational activities and classrooms, including computer laboratories, are also supported by the organization.

This after-school program instructs high school students on how to repair computers. These reconditioned computers are given to underserved schools, organizations, and families.

Tech for Troops is a military veteran-founded non-profit organization that refurbishes computers, upgrades them with the latest technology, and donates them to veterans nationwide.

Kramden Institute is a non-profit organization devoted to refurbishing computers and providing them, free of charge, to underserved students and community members. In addition to refurbishing computers as a means of recycling end-of-life equipment, Kramden offers technology education programs through its digital literacy and advanced coding programs.

Tech Exchange was established to assist bridge the digital gap. The organization provides free refurbished computers to low-income households.

This initiative refurbishes computers and distributes them to low-income persons, veterans, and families on Long Island for free.

Frequently Asked Questions About Colleges That Offer Free Laptops

If you get more FAFSA help than you need to cover your tuition and fees, you may be able to utilize the remaining funds to purchase supplies, such as a computer or tablet. After settling student accounts, some institutions offer a rebate check for the remaining FAFSA money.

Many college programs require students to do homework assignments on a computer utilizing the software. Students, for example, may require Microsoft Office to produce a paper or a PowerPoint presentation. Students pursuing non-technical degrees may also be asked to work on a computer. Although most universities include computer laboratories, they are not always convenient or accessible to students.

Many college programs require students to complete homework on a computer using the software. For example, students may need Microsoft Office to create a paper or a PowerPoint presentation. Students pursuing non-technical degrees may be expected to perform work on a computer as well. Although most colleges offer computer labs to students, they are not always convenient or accessible.

The laptop is the university’s property. Some colleges enable students to retain their laptop computers. Others demand that the laptop be returned. The majority of online institutions that provide laptops enable students to keep the laptop once they graduate.

Typically, online college students are given laptops on the day they become official students of an online college or university. A laptop is used to maximize space, time, and computers on campus.

In case of a lost or stolen laptop, the student will have to pay for the damages. The student has to report the incident to the police and file a report. In case of too, a lost or stolen laptop is reported, then a new one may be obtained at a reduced cost. However, the student will have to pay for any other related expenses like shipping charges.

Most students search for a low-cost laptop. However, you should verify your school’s requirements to ensure that the computer you pick has the appropriate operating system and adequate CPU speed, and hard drive capacity to execute the applications required for your classes.

Many students utilize a Chromebook or another low-cost laptop. Some academic applications, however, need an Apple computer, such as a MacBook Pro. Regardless of what everyone else is using, you should make sure your laptop matches the program’s requirements.

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