Masters In Artificial Intelligence online

masters in artificial intelligence online

Artificial intelligence is a growing and ever-evolving field, which means that obtaining an AI master’s degree will not only let you secure a highly marketable job, but it will also prepare you to survive and thrive in the ever-expanding world of AI. Artificial intelligence has been around for decades, but the world is witnessing a deepening and intense revolution in technology that’s now touching nearly every aspect of our lives.

With artificial intelligence becoming increasingly and intricately involved in virtually every aspect of our daily lives, a master’s degree in artificial intelligence may be useful in many ways. Experts claim that 58 million new jobs will be created in the artificial intelligence sector by 2022. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for computer and information research scientists was $126,830 in May 2020.

An online master’s degree in artificial intelligence will enable you to create powerful artificial intelligence, which is crucial in enhancing the overall quality of society. Studying AI at a master’s level enables you to learn the foundation skills, methods, and concepts of AI.

Masters In Artificial Intelligence

The editors of Degree Companion researched the most innovative, influential, and intensive programs in AI and robotics offered by institutions and specializations across the US. Programs are ranked by:
Alumni Salary (College Scorecard data),
Student Satisfaction (Niche data),
Tuition Cost (IPEDS data).
We have included both online and on-campus programs.

Top 20 Masters in Artificial Intelligence Online Programs

1. Northeastern University

Northeastern University

On campus, Northeastern University’s masters programs in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are among the best artificial intelligence masters programs available today to future tech experts.

Both of these programs prepare students for success in the fast-growing fields of artificial intelligence and robotics by providing them with access to faculty who are creating groundbreaking technologies. There are five core courses: machine learning, intelligent interaction, foundations of artificial intelligence, programming design paradigms, and algorithms.

Graduate students who attend Northeastern University get a multidisciplinary, complex approach to their studies, which allows them to succeed in any field they choose. Graduates of Northeastern’s Khoury College of Computer Science have access to a unique, well-rounded network. Northeastern is known for its commitment to creating well-rounded graduates who contribute positively to society, no matter what field they choose.

Degree: MS in Artificial Intelligence or MS in Robotics
Format: Campus

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2. University of Southern California

One of the best masters programs in artificial intelligence on the west coast is offered by the University of Southern California’s MS in Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence program.

Students at USC receive rigorous training to form them into experts in the AI field. It is not a superficial program – students receive hands-on, practical learning experiences to help them become AI experts.

The Viterbi School of Engineering at USC has been ranked as one of the top ten engineering schools in the country. Viterbi graduates have a reputation for being brilliant, novel thinkers who come up with new ways to solve long-standing problems. Viterbi attracts the best of the best students and faculty, allowing the best to learn from one another. USC is known for its commitment to philanthropy. It believes giving back should be paramount in everything it does.

Degree: MS in Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence
Format: Campus

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3. Worcester Polytechnic Institute

One of the best masters in robotics degree options is Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s MS in Robotics Engineering.

The classes are instructed by faculty members who are leading the charge in new technologies in the fields of computer vision, robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and many others. Online education such as this is perfect for busy professionals who want to stay on top of their ongoing education while also striving to advance their careers.

WPI’s Robotics Engineering program is one of the first of its kind in the country. Since 2018, WPI is also offering a specialization in automatic vehicles. WPI uses this as one of the ways it stays on top of new changes in automated technology. By 2020, students qualified for this program must have already been accepted for admission to the MS program in Robotics Engineering. WPI is committed to helping students get the education they need in order to succeed, and offers generous financial aid packages to qualified applicants.

Degree: MS in Robotics Engineering
Format: Online

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4. University of Georgia

The University of Georgia’s MS in Artificial Intelligence is an on-campus program, considered among the best masters programs in artificial intelligence.

A student can choose from several specializations within the program including logic programming, automated reasoning, natural language processing, robotic systems, and more. Students will work to become familiar with the latest research in their chosen specialty, in addition to taking several mandatory core courses.

At the University of Georgia, students are surrounded by outstanding faculty, making the program a valuable learning and networking experience. While students learn from their professors, they develop close relationships with their classmates. This program emphasizes collaboration and sharing of knowledge that can lead to a rigorous educational experience. The University of Georgia’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratories offer graduate students world-class research opportunities.

Degree: MS in Artificial Intelligence
Format: Campus

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5. Illinois Tech

Illinois Tech’s MAS in Artificial Intelligence program is widely regarded as one of the best masters programs for artificial intelligence on campus.

As an enrolled student, students enjoy the opportunity to receive an education from a university that keeps its fingers on the pulse of the newest trends in the tech industry. Graduating from Illinois Tech will prepare you to lead the artificial intelligence industry.

A committee of AI experts designed the MAS in AI program at Illinois Tech, which is widely regarded as a prestigious example of a rigorous AI education. Located minutes from Chicago’s metropolitan area, Illinois Tech provides students with opportunities for urban life experiences. Students at Illinois Tech can connect with experts in the Chicago area in fields ranging from video game design to research, which will enable them to work toward achieving their career goals. Chicago, Illinois Tech’s home city, is seen as a living laboratory by the company, striving to study and best understand the city’s culture.

Degree: MAS in Artificial Intelligence
Format: Campus

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6. New York University

The Master of Science in Mechatronics and Robotics program at New York University was established in 2015 to provide students with a professional education and a reputation as one of the very best masters in robotics programs.

Mechatronics is a relatively new field that combines and solves complex technology-related problems with the disciplines of control theory, computer science, electronics, and mechanical engineering. There are some core courses that are required, but students are free to personalize their curriculum to reflect their individual interests.

Students at New York University benefit from collaborative and active learning programs. This means that students have the chance to network with one another during their graduate education. NYU strives to provide graduate students with an education that allows them to become innovators in their field. Located in Manhattan, New York University offers graduate students an unmatched cultural and innovation scene.

Degree: MS in Mechatronics and Robotics
Format: Campus

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7. Boston University

One of the best masters programs in artificial intelligence on the east coast is Boston University’s MS in Artificial Intelligence.

Through this program, students gain hands-on experience solving complex AI problems by applying creative thinking, coding skills, and algorithmic design principles. Students work to create artificial intelligence (AI) systems that surpass the capabilities of existing tech systems. Students with an AI degree from BU can be trusted to find innovative solutions to tough AI issues.

The objective of this program is to prepare students to become either AI engineers or to pursue a Ph.D. in technology. Students can learn from the best instructors in the field through this focused course of study. BU emphasizes in-depth knowledge of real-world situations and strives to prepare students to solve problems they will encounter while earning their doctorate. BU is the 46th-ranked university in the world, making a degree from the school stand out on any job application.

Degree: MS in Artificial Intelligence
Format: Campus

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8. Oregon State University

Oregon State University’s MS in Robotics program is among the best masters in robotics programs available to students seeking graduate education.

 Robotics is an interdisciplinary program at OSU that prepares students for success in any career they choose after graduation. Robotics are rapidly infiltrating U.S. industries, making graduates with a degree in robotics valuable assets for any organization.

Students at Oregon State University are encouraged to build a strong relationship with their instructors. Students can tailor their learning experience to suit their career goals as OSU understands the importance of an individualized program. Students may be heavily involved in research, building the experience needed to focus on a specific aspect of robotics. There is a large emphasis on philanthropy at Oregon State University, and students are given many opportunities to give back to the community.

Degree: MS in Robotics
Format: Campus

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9. Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University’s MS in Artificial Intelligence and MS in Machine Learning are among the best master’s programs in artificial intelligence and machine learning available to students in the tech sector today.

 Students at Carnegie Mellon are taught on a deep level about the why behind AI and ML, allowing them to gain deep insights.

The school gives students valuable research opportunities, so they can learn in and out of the classroom. CMU is located in the lively downtown area of Pittsburgh. Because of this, CMU students can collaborate with tech partners nearby to make the most of their learning experience. Currently, CMU is ranked the 25th best university in the United States.

Degree: MS in Artificial Intelligence or MS in Machine Learning
Format: Campus

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10. CSU Global

One of the top masters in machine learning and artificial intelligence, this degree program enables students to develop unique tech solutions to problems in the business world.

Through CSU Global’s online MS in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, students are able to work through their master’s degree at their own pace while continuing to advance their careers. students take a core set of classes and make up the rest of their degree with specialization options.

Students at CSU Global are expected to develop personal relationships with their instructors, allowing them to customize their education and learn from experts in their field. Getting a graduate degree should do more for improving your skills than causing you financial stress. Therefore, CSU Global offers generous financial aid packages. CSU Global has partnerships with over 3,000 corporations that offer tuition discounts to their employees.

Degree: MS in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Format: Online

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11. University of Cincinnati

One of the best masters programs for artificial intelligence in the midwest is University of Cincinnati’s MEng in Artificial Intelligence.

The University of Cincinnati believes artificial intelligence will one day become commonplace across several disciplines. The program offers students an interdisciplinary education that sets them up for success in many fields.

At the University of Cincinnati, creative problem solving, engineering, psychology, and technical skills come together to form the master’s in engineering program. Many students have several options for creating a personalized learning experience and can customize their education to meet future career goals. Graduates emerge from the program ready to solve new, complex technology problems and discover innovative solutions. The University of Cincinnati is the second biggest university in Ohio, boasting a diverse and impressive student population.

Degree: MEng in Artificial Intelligence
Format: Campus

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12. University at Buffalo

The University of Buffalo’s MS in Engineering Science – Artificial Intelligence program is a part of the school’s Artificial Intelligence Institute.

This program, known as one of the best masters programs in artificial intelligence, trains students in the complexities of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The students learn how to train machines to work intuitively with their human counterparts..

The first class of this program will be accepted in Spring 2020.The students get the benefit of a program that has been carefully designed to meet today’s technology needs. Students’ input will be valued as the program progresses to make the program even more beneficial to the next incoming class. This program has given students a chance to make a mark on the University at Buffalo’s history by becoming a part of the school’s inaugural class. The University at Buffalo was selected as the #1 public university in New York state by U.S. News & World Report.

Degree: MS in Engineering Science – Artificial Intelligence
Format: Campus

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13. Arizona State University

Arizona State University’s MS in Robotics and Autonomous Systems program is one of the best masters in robotics programs in the southwest.

Throughout the program, students focus on human-machine interaction, machine learning, control systems, and other aspects of robotics in order to become the next generation of robotics experts.

Arizona State University offers 25 state-of-the-art labs for its students, enabling them to gain the research experience they need to emerge as leaders in the field. Arizona State places an emphasis on teamwork and encourages students to work together in a way that allows them to learn as much from each other as they learn from their instructors. The #1 university for innovation in the United States is Arizona State University.

Degree: MS in Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Format: Campus

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14. Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University’s MSE in Robotics program is one of the best master’s degrees in robotics available in the tech industry today.

Though the skills which graduates of this program acquire can be applied in almost any industry, the majority of graduates of the MSE in Robotics go on to work in medical robotics. Students receive a multi-disciplinary education that allows them to excel in the field of their choice. Each student chooses one of six specialties; they also have the option of a coursework option or a coursework and master’s essay hybrid option.

The Johns Hopkins name is synonymous with research and employers know that graduates come from one of the best schools in the country. In the robotics program at Johns Hopkins, students have the opportunity to work with leaders in the field as well as graduate with myriad connections to professionals who are leading the charge in the medical robotics industry. The Johns Hopkins University is currently rated as the 10th best university in the United States.

Degree: MSE in Robotics
Format: Campus

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15. Michigan Technological University

One of the best master’s programs in artificial intelligence is Michigan Technological University’s MS in Mechatronics program.

The students in this program are knowledgeable about several distinct subsets of technology, including AI, technical skills, and advanced design skills. Collaborative learning is highly encouraged, and students develop close bonds with classmates and instructors.

Mechatronics graduates from Michigan Technological University are in high demand in aerospace and defense technology, consumer products industries, automotive industry, and other technologically advanced industries.A multi-disciplinary approach is used by MTU when it comes to teaching students how they can apply their tech skills in different industries. The University is credited for providing an education of higher-than-average quality at a lower-than-average cost.

Degree: MS in Mechatronics
Format: Campus

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16. University of Rochester

Full-time or part-time, the University of Rochester’s MS in Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning is designed for a busy professional who wants to advance in their career while getting their master’s degree.

The flexible master’s program in artificial intelligence is considered one of the top programs. It gives students the opportunity to tailor their program based on electives to make sure it fits their career goals.

Students interact with faculty who have made their mark in the tech research world at the University of Rochester. Students may earn six credits of their total program credit by conducting research with a faculty member. This can be an excellent opportunity for students to focus on their specialization under the guidance of an expert. The University of Rochester is renowned for providing students with one-on-one attention with its 10:1 student to faculty ratio.

Degree: MS in Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Format: Campus

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17. Stanford University

Stanford University has a reputation for excellence, and Stanford’s masters of science program in computer science: Artificial Intelligence is no exception.

One of the best masters programs in artificial intelligence, the degree program allows students to choose from nine specialties. The program is highly customizable for students and allows them to complete their work according to their career goals. The program allows students to switch specializations as they see fit.

A few specializations are only available online, while others require some campus visits at least. Stanford is dedicated to providing students with a world-class education while offering flexible learning opportunities. Stanford is dedicated to helping its students afford their education – more than 50% of Stanford students receive financial aid.

Degree: MS in Computer Science: Artificial Intelligence
Format: Campus

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18. Drexel University

Drexel University’s MS in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is one of the best machine learning masters programs available today.

Graduates of this program are prepared to enter the workforce and to pursue a higher education. Among the subjects covered are artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as mathematics and algorithms.

Full-time, part-time, and online classes are available for the MS in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Drexel College works to make its Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning program accessible to all students, regardless of their location or available time. Students at Drexel get the individualized attention they need with a faculty-student ratio of 11:1.

Degree: MS in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Format: Campus

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19. Northwestern University

One of the best masters programs for artificial intelligence is Northwestern University’s on-campus MS in Artificial Intelligence.

Participants get to work on a semester-long personal research project that gives them the opportunity to customize their learning experience, which can turn out to be progressively valuable in the workplace.

During this program, students take all their classes in a cohort of 40 people, which allows them to get to know one another and collaborate for the entire graduate school experience. Students at Northwestern get to enjoy a beautiful, picturesque campus setting in the metropolitan Chicago area.

Degree: MS in Artificial Intelligence
Format: Campus

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20. University of Pennsylvania

The MSE in Robotics program at the University of Pennsylvania is widely regarded as one of the best masters in robotics programs in the world.

A MSE in robotics offers a highly valuable learning experience that is highly valued both in the workplace and in further higher education through ten core courses and an optional thesis project.

The GRASP lab, one of the leading robotics research facilities in the world, houses the MSE in Robotics program. University of Pennsylvania students not only participate in lab research, but they also learn from esteemed faculty around the world who conduct research at GRASP. In University City in Philadelphia, UPenn’s gorgeous campus is just outside of downtown, offering students endless opportunities for networking and cultural experiences.

Degree: MSE in Robotics
Format: Campus

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Why Should I Get an Artificial Intelligence  Master’s Online?

An artificial intelligence master’s degree online is a great way to teach you how to create technologies that are based on the human brain, or just as good as the human brain. With some of the highest rated universities in the world offering an artificial intelligence master’s degree online, you can learn from some of the best professors in the world.

Master’s in Artificial Intelligence provides a strong base in the fundamentals upon which Machine Learning is based. The major areas of study for an AI master’s degree online include machine learning, neural networks, and deep learning.

Saving money is another benefit when compared to attending physical classes. While some online courses are not necessarily less costly (although most are), the associated costs are always lower. For instance, there is no communication cost. Furthermore, textbooks, instructional materials, and other course materials are usually free of charge or at extremely minimal cost. Additionally, many online schools allow you to receive credits from free massive online courses (MOOC), making savings on your overall degree even more attractive.

An online artificial intelligence master’s degree will give you the hands-on skills to have a successful career in the AI field. These degree-granting programs are designed and developed by industry professionals, so you can be sure that they will provide high quality information. Additionally, an online artificial intelligence master’s will allow you to learn at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. The benefit is that you can read the information, absorb it and make your own comments in your own time.

You will be able to give 100% effort to the course and coursework each day. A master’s degree in artificial intelligence online is ideal for people who have irregular schedules, those who experience social anxiety, or those who simply have difficulty learning in a typical classroom setting.

How Much Can I Make with a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence?

A typical software engineering salary is $84,336. Software engineers are part of the general process of designing and developing digital systems and programs. An engineer has predicted a 21% growth rate, which is much faster than the average, and means that there will be 284,100 new jobs by 2028. This sector is imperative because it allows employees to develop the technical functionality of the products, which employ machines to complete a wide variety of tasks.

A good example of machine learning salaries is in computer science and artificial intelligence research, which can earn between $83,490 and $1,000,000 per year. These jobs are the epitome of a master’s degree in AI salary as they offer a great growth potential. It depends on which sector you choose to work in which skills and responsibilities these positions require. 

PayScale reports that the average salary for individuals with a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence is $102,000 per year.

Master’s in Artificial Intelligence Program Requirements

  • A four-year bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution in Computer Science, Software Engineering or related STEM degree, plus work experience equal to Drexel CS Post-Baccalaureate certificate.
  • A completed application for the masters in artificial intelligence online program or on-campus program.
  • Official final transcripts from ALL Colleges/Universities attended.
  • A GPA of 3.0 or higher in a completed degree program, bachelor’s degree or above is required for the masters in AI.
  • For International students and domestic students below, a 3.0 GPA
  • One (1) letter of recommendation are required.
  • Essay/Statement of Purpose.
  • Current Resume.
  • Pre-requisites for all graduate level programs: computer requirements and skills

Master’s In Artificial Intelligence Learning Outcomes

  • The ability to apply creative thinking, algorithmic design skills, and coding skills to build modern AI systems.
  • An understanding of the fundamental design mechanisms, algorithms, and latest system architectures in AI, along with knowledge of the core areas of AI, including machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision.
  • The ability to identify well-defined performance metrics of the AI system.
  • The ability to convert descriptions of abstract AI challenges into descriptions of specific AI project requirements.
  • The ability to design and run experiments to validate and enhance software performance.