Overview Of Masters in Digital Marketing Online

For an industry so new, it’s surprising how many digital marketing degrees are being offered. According to the University of Florida, there are over 300 people enrolled in its digital media program, and they’re not alone. Nearly a dozen schools across the country already offer digital media degrees or have newly launched programs. Join us as we examine whether these new marketing degrees are worthwhile investments.

Digital marketing has allowed marketers to go deeper and engage customers in ways that were inconceivable a decade ago. Brands no longer simply advertise a product. They create interactive experiences that entice users to almost literally buy products before they’re even listed. And this trend is only going to continue as more companies pour money into the digital space.

In the past, marketers could identify only a limited number of different audiences who might respond to their efforts. In today’s world, companies can track customers’ online activities quickly and employ data science to find increasingly precise customer profiles (e.g., females over 35 with two cats, who drive hybrid vehicles and are passionate about the environment). It can then be used to figure out which customers are on the verge of making a big life decision.

Master’s degree in marketing has scrambled to keep up with a rapidly digital transformation, which is evolving simultaneously with new developments in computing. Many colleges and universities offer master’s degrees in digital marketing to attract students who aspire to be not just marketers, but marketers on the cutting edge of technology. If you’re fascinated by the changing tools and techniques digital marketers use to reach their audiences, online marketing, digital marketing, e-marketing and internet marketing master’s degree programs can look like a great fit for you. These types of schools have flourished in popularity within the past five years, and pop up on job lists everywhere as new grads leave these programs with new skills and experience.

The average Digital Marketing Manager salary in the United States is $110,436 as of January 27, 2022, but the range typically falls between $95,135 and $131,178.

Which Universities Offer Masters In Digital Marketing Online?

Many colleges and universities have offered master’s degrees in digital marketing, but most are still relatively new and unable to provide rankings conclusively.. It may be worthwhile to make your own list of digital marketing programs available, however, since it will give you a better idea of how schools offer them and who they’re intended for. Check out these programs to get started:

Studying for an MBA is a great way to market yourself, gain new managerial skills and find out how your business can succeed.

With this valuable business qualification, you’ll gain the skills you need to succeed in your career and business, securing more senior positions, better pay, and plenty of opportunities. Modules include: Global Marketing in a Digital Age, Accounting for Decision Making, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Managing Human Capital. Students can also choose from a range of specializations such as: Finance, Digital Marketing, Project Management, and Health Care Management.

Program: MBA
Location: Berlin, Germany

Today’s Digitalization, Globalization, and Increased Demand for Sustainability make companies face challenges.

Companies need qualified specialists and executives who are able to identify and implement technologies and business models tailored to the future. Graduates will be able to respond exactly to the challenges of global and digital markets, leverage innovation, and lead teams.

Program: Masters of Business Administration (part time and full time)
Location: Berlin, Germany +2 More

In the “New Economy”, digital has opened new doors for new uses.

Organizations are currently forced to transform themselves and undergo a digital revolution.

Program: MBA Specialized Digital Marketing and E-Business
Location: Paris, France

Understanding how to run a company is as crucial as being able to manage the capabilities and potential of the people who will work in it, such as current international trends in marketing.

An MBA in Marketing will give you a solid theoretical and practical grounding that will enable you to acquire a strategic business mind-set, develop managerial skills, and equip yourself with leadership skills and entrepreneurial initiative.

Program: Master of Business Administration and Management (MBA) + Digital Marketing
Location: Mexico City, Mexico

The online MBA program caters toward graduates with work experience and professionals who have worked in middle management positions and want to advance their career opportunities.

In today’s reality, it is very difficult to find a job or improve on it if you do not have a master’s degree. As a master’s degree in management and business administration graduate, the evolution is obvious. Functional directors of SMEs can become general managers or functional directors of large companies. In the case of intermediate roles, for example, a Product Manager could become a Marketing Director or Director or Manager of an SME. Using the case methodology, the Master in Business Administration and Management (MBA) focuses on instilling and consolidating knowledge across two large groups. The three main areas of knowledge are marketing, finance and human resources; as well as cross-cutting areas such as the rest of the knowledge areas and above all, communication.

Program: Master in Business Administration and Management (MBA) – Specialty in Digital Marketing Management
Location: Madrid, Spain

This program will enable you to acquire a broad and global vision of business management in the holistic treatment of different areas of business while studying in-depth materials with special emphasis on Digital Marketing.

It also allows you to specialize in Sales or e-Commerce.

Program: MBA Digital Marketing with Specialty in E-commerce or Sales
Location: Madrid, Spain +1 More

Through enhancing the classic MBA with modules on Digital Marketing, Information Management, and Data Analytics, the MBA Digital Marketing will equip students with the skills needed to engage customers via market businesses across digital networks using digital media.

Program: Online MBA Digital Marketing – University of Cumbria (UK)
Location: City of Carlisle, United Kingdom

In two years, the MBA program in International Business Specialization Marketing

Program: MBA in International Business Marketing Specialization
Location: Paris, France

This MBA program combines convenience, flexibility, and quality in an affordable package that’s tailored to your needs.

In eight-week sessions, all MBA courses are taught in the evenings. Course requirements include eight 2-credit core courses and seven 2-credit specialty courses in Business Analytics; Digital Marketing & Innovation; Leadership & Managerial Skills; Investments & Applied Portfolio Management.

Program: Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Location: Fargo, USA

The MBA program at Arkansas Tech University will prepare you for a business career with the information analysis skills and executive decision-making skills needed to succeed in today’s fast-paced business world.

You may be interested in applying to this program if you are interested in advancing your business or non-business career or if you are seeking a position of responsibility with your current employer. Arkansas Tech University’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program offers graduate-level business education for students who want to advance their business education beyond the undergraduate level. A general MBA track, a Business Analytics concentration, as well as a Digital Marketing concentration are available in this program. Online courses are available for all the MBA courses. The program is designed to help prepare students for successful business careers in management and leadership roles, with an emphasis on helping students develop critical analytical skills and data-driven decision-making abilities.

Program: Master of Business Administration (Online)
Location: Russellville, USA

In this program, you will acquire a global and integrative view of business management through the treatment of different business areas in tandem with in-depth study of Digital Marketing.

In addition, you can specialize in either Sales or e-Commerce.

Program: MBA Digital Marketing with Specialty in E-commerce or Sales
Location: Madrid, Spain

Develop a 360 ° vision of the company to gain height through mastering the challenges posed by digital and global transformation in the economy.

Program: MBA Online Management of Digital Transformation (ISG EPITA)
Location: France Online, France +17 More

In today’s digital world, every industry must perform in an ever-changing digital environment.

The MBA in Digital Marketing Strategy focuses on training professionals to gain in-depth knowledge of the digital sector. Basma Taieb Director of the MBA in Digital Marketing Strategy.

Program: MBA Digital Marketing Strategy
Location: Paris, France

Specifically, the Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Digital Marketing addresses the basics of marketing applied to neuroscience and its relationship to consumer behavior, employing some basic strategies in the field of neuromarketing.

It will provide them with the tools they need to develop comprehensive digital marketing and communication strategies and tactics designed to align an organization’s business and marketing objectives.

Program: MBA with Concentration in Digital Marketing
Location: Davie, USA

Through our Digital Entrepreneurship MBA, which we developed in partnership with Seedrocket, you will gain the experience and knowledge you need to grow and accelerate your Startup, working within a highly entrepreneurial ecosystem and learning from people who will help you develop and accelerate the growth of your business.

Program: MBA in Digital Entrepreneurship
Location: Barcelona, Spain

The University of America is accredited by the Commission on Independent Education of the State of Florida Department of Education by Florida Statutes, Section 1005.06(1)(f), Rule 6E-5.001, and 1997 Florida Code Title XVI EDUCATION Chapter 246 Authorization of Nonpublic Postsecondary Institutions 246.084(1)(2)(3).

UA is accredited by the ACCREDITATION SERVICE FOR INTERNATIONAL COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES (ASIC), The UK government’s Department of Education and Immigration has recognized a UK international accreditation agency, and listed it on the US CHEA’s list of recognized international accrediting agencies.

Program: MBA in Digital Marketing awarded by University of America
Location: Temecula, California

This Executive Master course in e-Business and e-Marketing Management (including Social Media studies) is suitable for students who have worked in a managerial position after high school for at least five years.

Master (MBA) programs in e-Business and e-Marketing (including Social Media) are ideal for students looking for managerial skills in the new electronic business world.

Program: Executive Master in e-Business and e-Marketing
Location: Zürich, Switzerland

Graduates of the E-marketing concentration may choose to enter the e-commerce industry, online marketing, or social media marketing. Jobs in E-marketing, such as internet marketing specialists and e-commerce marketing managers, offer bright futures with strong job growth and high median salaries, according to ONET Online.

Students who study E-marketing will take courses in Social Media Marketing, SEO/SEM, and e-commerce. Marketing over mobile devices is also covered.

Program: Master of Business Administration (MBA): Emphasis E-Marketing
Location: Austin, USA

Learn how management functions and manage it effectively with the MBA Digital from n+e.

With the MBA Digital you will gain an understanding of how management functions as well as the skills necessary to manage them effectively.

Program: MBA Digital
Location: Community of Madrid, Spain

The United States alone spent over $67 billion in digital advertising in 2015, and PricewaterhouseCoopers believes this figure will increase to $240 billion by 2019.

Program: MBA in Digital Marketing
Location: USA Online, USA

The MBA in Marketing prepares graduates for leadership positions in areas such as management consulting, general management and med.

Location: Rockville Centre, USA

Digital Marketing / Communication and Social Media MBA allows you to take advantage of the professions offered by the Web, social media, and in general to understand the evolutions of the digital world that influence the brands, their identity, and their communication with the public.

Program: MBA Digital Marketing / Communication and Social Media
Location: Paris, France +6 More

What Are The Different Kinds Of Digital Marketing Degrees?

Because these programs are so new, you can find online master’s degrees in digital marketing in a variety of options, with significant differences among programs. Choosing a program, or even researching programs while you are doing your bachelor’s degree, can be especially challenging. Digital marketing degrees go by many names, including:

A number of the authors appear to be more general in their approach, while others seem to be more focused on a specific area of digital marketing, such as social media or analytics. Sometimes the name of the degree will reveal the topics covered in the curriculum. For example, a masters program may have a strong creative focus and include courses in digital design. MS programs tend to be more technical and cover more topics regarding data analytics and coding while MBA programs usually cover more business aspects of marketing. The only way to find out what you’ll actually learn in any master’s in digital marketing program (whether it’s an online master’s degree or on-campus course) is to read the program description and course list.

Course Overview

A lot of traditional master’s degree components of digital marketing are studied by digital marketing master’s degree students, such as consumer psychology and sales research. They also take courses in topics like:

Is A Master’s In Digital Marketing Worth It?

From one perspective, I would say that it is. The digital marketing industry isn’t going anywhere, so getting a master’s degree in the field would be worthwhile. Compared to traditional advertising, digital marketing is cheaper, easier to time and track, more engaging, easier to tweak, and highly measurable. From another perspective, the answer that many people give when they ask this question depends on the industry they want to go into. Digital marketing makes it much easier for brands to prove ROI. Due to these factors, companies these days tend to focus their marketing efforts on SEO, social media, email marketing, PPC, and a company’s efforts to go viral. Print, broadcast media, and other traditional channels are disappearing or become the domain of niche audiences and small businesses catering to them.

What you can say – with a fair amount of confidence, in fact – is that if you want to work in digital marketing, an online master’s degree is probably a good idea. However, we cannot predict what digital marketing looks like in 10 – or even 5 – years from now. After completing a two-year master’s degree in digital marketing, everything you learned may be out-dated. Rapid advances in technology are driving just as rapid developments in marketing, and colleges and universities can’t update their marketing programs as quickly.

On a Reddit thread examining the same question that we have asked here, user Bluehairdave writes: “As someone who has been in this field for over 11 years, I’m not even sure what a digital marketing degree would be relevant to me.

At least once a year, I literally apply a complete overhaul to my business model.”

If you’re more interested in the human side, most of the top digital marketing agencies hire people from a variety of backgrounds who understand the digital realm. You might instead look for programs that include actual fieldwork and project work, which will also help advance your career in a more practical sense.

If you’re interested in digital marketing, then getting a degree from a traditional master’s in marketing program is likely worthwhile. These programs cover many of the topics you’d learn as part of a digital marketing or communications specialization, like business strategy, advertising psychology, and how to write persuasively for various marketing channels.

You can figure out where your interests lie by getting a job in digital marketing and racking up several years of experience. Once you know that, whatever degree you choose will be worthwhile.

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Digital Marketing Master’s Degree?

A master’s degree in digital marketing is a great value when that education gets you closer to your career goals. That’s what a master’s program can offer you, no matter if you choose to attend at the collegiate level or work toward your degree through an online program. This overview of the advantages of having a digital marketing master’s degree will help outline the ways that earning this type of advanced degree can be an important step forward in your marketing career, and will also lay out some ways that you can work toward your much-valued master’s degree. Your master’s degree in digital marketing may be more impressive than another job seeker’s traditional MS in Marketing because they only know that the CEO or CMO told them to do it. More and more companies are looking for people with a background in digital marketing master’s degree online, and it has never been easier to learn the skills needed to get started. A master’s degree can help you stand out from the pack; in fact, one LinkedIn survey found that the skills employers want most in applicants are all related to digital technology. If you complete your digital marketing degree with self-taught coding skills or a data analytics certification, the opportunity to land multiple jobs may come your way.

Getting a master’s degree in digital marketing may be motivated by your curiosity rather than your career objectives, and that’s fine, too. In digital marketing master’s degree programs, you’ll learn about the latest innovations and technologies in marketing, marketing research, business intelligence, data science, and AI, as well as the skills and knowledge required to become a marketing manager, market research analyst, brand manager, or promotion manager.

Most master’s programs in digital marketing allow you to put theory into practice. Whether through internships, externships, group projects, or cohort projects, the best programs will enable you to work on real marketing campaigns.

Disadvantage Of Digital Marketing Master’s Degree?

Because an advanced degree isn’t necessarily required to work in, or advance in, marketing, the investment required for graduates to earn a master’s in marketing is an obvious disadvantage. Quick searches will show you how many marketers think this degree is a waste of time and money. It’s also worth pointing out that information superhighway speed is far slower than advertised. Commenter Mehdi Zare said as much outright in a Quora thread, adding, ” As a person with over ten years of experience and a management position in this field,I never look for someone with a university degree in digital marketing.” An MBA or masters in marketing, software programming, and statistics are things I care about.

There are other disadvantages to getting this degree—like the fact that much might have changed by the time you graduate—but the biggest is that employers who really understand digital marketing might disregard it as an asset.

Most master’s programs in digital marketing allow you to put theory into practice. Whether through internships, externships, group projects, or cohort projects, the best programs will enable you to work on real marketing campaigns.

What Are The Alternatives To Getting A Master’s In Digital Marketing?

If you’re certain you want to stay in marketing your whole life, the best alternative is probably an MS in Marketing. All the fundamentals of marketing management will be taught in school, and you can take online courses on digital marketing tools and techniques on Coursera and EdX in your free time.

The best place to get started with professional digital marketing education is on the free digital marketing courses offered by Coursera. With over 4,000,000 students and a multitude of free professional certifications in digital marketing, you shouldn’t have any problem finding an abundance of options to help advance your career. You’ll learn the most up-to-date strategies, skills, and best practices in search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), content marketing, social marketing, and other facets of digital marketing in just a few months. Additionally, you will walk away with a respected credential that will demonstrate your expertise in specific techniques and channels. Some professional certificates can be earned in just one to six months (compared to the two to four years it can take to earn a master’s degree).

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