MBA In Marketing Salary

MBA in Marketing Salary

Organizations market services and products. Even nonprofit organizations market to help them achieve their mission. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that demand for advertising, promotions, and marketing managers will increase by 8% by 2028. There are many reasons to consider getting an MBA in marketing online. For some, the choice may be obvious because business classes can enhance career growth opportunities. For others, an online MBA programs could be a requirement of the employer.

What Is an MBA in Marketing?

An MBA in marketing is a unique graduate degree that combines business training with marketing skills. It is an ideal qualification for anyone who wants to secure a senior management or leadership role in the corporate world.

An MBA in marketing is a graduate degree that focuses on the aspects of business management and marketing. The majority of programs are for working adults and can be completed in 2 to 3 years. Students learn how to lead, manage, and execute the marketing initiatives of a company. They also may focus on developing and implementing strategic plans or gaining an understanding of the overall market conditions within a specific industry.

Graduates with an MBA in marketing can take on diverse roles, such as marketing director, public relations professional, and advertising director. We outline below five potential careers for graduates and their expected salaries.

What Can You Do With an MBA in Marketing ?

Why Should You Get an Online MBA in Marketing ?

Online MBA in marketing degrees allow students to study key concepts in business, including operations management, production management, and finance. Courses also cover marketing analytics, strategic marketing management, and consumer behavior. Whether you are considering advanced education or already a working professional, pursuing an online MBA offers many benefits. MBA in Marketing programs with asynchronous formats provide more flexibility than synchronous programs, allowing students to watch recorded lectures and engage in discussions without attending classes at a set time each week. Also, check out our guide on scholarship for business majors and cost of a masters degree here.

Online MBA in Marketing Salary

Salaries for marketing professionals vary widely. The factors that affect compensation include job title, years of experience, position or hierarchy in the organization, and geographic location. Because marketing is an umbrella term encompassing many different disciplines, the best way to determine a salary range would be within a specific specialty. For example, marketing managers often earn much more than those working on the promotion side of things such as advertising or public relations.

A professional can work their way up the corporate ladder, but they need a master’s degree to reach certain salary levels. Table below illustrates the disparity in pay between similar marketing jobs requiring different levels of education. Check out our guide on landing a job here.

Occupation & Degree TypeAverage Annual Salary
Marketing Director (MBA)$87, 232
Marketing Coordinator (Bachelor’s)$43, 943

Professional Organizations For Marketing

While the field of marketing is ever-changing, it’s important that professionals stay on top of the latest research and trends. Through professional organizations, marketing professionals can receive professional training, participate in continuing education programs, and access up-to-date research.

American Marketing AssociationThe American Marketing Association (AMA) offers a variety of resources for its members. The organization has more than 70 chapters across North America, and membership helps to support these groups. There are over 50,000 members in the American Marketing Association. Membership benefits include access to numerous markets and discounts on certifications and publications.

Association of National Advertisers
Advertising professionals are represented by this organization nationwide. Members receive a free annual workshop, unlimited access to webinars and a subscription to an educational, industry-specific publication.
Data and Marketing AssociationThe Data and Marketing Association is a community of individuals interested in data analysis, optimization, and marketing analytics. This association provides its members with data and marketing analytics resources.
Legal Marketing AssociationThe Legal Marketing Association allows its members to enhance their marketing skills by providing access to templates and reports, research studies, and educational material about trending topics.
Public Relations Society of AmericaThe Public Relations Society of America is the foremost organization that provides members with access to exclusive job boards, informative webinars, and discounts on professional resources. With more than 20,000 members world wide, it provides a wealth of knowledge and support for both newly entering the field and experienced public relations professionals.

FAQs About MBA in Marketing Careers