Online Masters in Web Development Programs

Graduates and students alike are always searching for the best online master’s in web development programs. The reason is clear: online education allows working professionals to further their education to advance their career or start their own business.

It allows busy parents with growing kids to pursue an advanced degree without having to compromise on family time. And it makes things easier for those who are unable to relocate if they would like to attend a campus-based program.

If you are about to start your journey towards earning a best online master’s in web development program, you should go through this article. It will give you an idea of what to expect while enrolled in a best online master’s in web development program.

Companies in almost every industry are looking for skilled web developers. This guide will inform you about the best online master’s in web development programs that will help you advance your career. The sections that follow delve into education requirements, popular career paths, and frequently asked questions about web development.

Masters in Web Development Programs

 Best Accredited Online Masters in Web Development Programs

1. Boston University

BU is a national research university with academic programs offered on more than five campuses and online.

 Hundreds of online and hybrid graduate, undergraduate, and certificate programs, including an online master’s in information science, are available to students.

This master’s degree in computer information systems includes a web application development concentration. The 40-credit program emphasizes both front-end and back-end development, with classes in JavaScript, CSS, and PHP among the topics covered. Apps like Ruby on Rails, AJAX, and the Google Web Toolkit are also covered in the core curriculum.

This online master’s degree can be completed in 18-24 months. Online tuition rates at BU are determined by a student’s enrollment status and whether a course is considered upper- or lower-level. Applicants with a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution may apply at any time.

Graduation Rate: 88%

2. University of Denver

On campus and online, the University College at DU enrolls over 1,500 students in professional and continuing education programs.

More than 20 master’s and bachelor’s degree completion programs are available, with options for fully online, hybrid, or DU’s signature HyFlex (synchronous/hybrid) course delivery.

The school’s MS in information and communications technology program offers a web design and development concentration as an option. The 48-credit program includes core, concentration, and elective requirements, as well as a student success seminar/orientation course to help college students adjust to life in the virtual world. A capstone project and a seminar mark the end of the program.

The four main areas of web development covered in this course are website usability, design, management, and information systems. Students can graduate in 18 months if they finish their courses in 10-week terms. GRE or GMAT scores are not required for admission to DU.

Graduation Rate: 77%

3. Fort Hays State University

FHSU, which is based in central Kansas, oversees a comprehensive online division with nearly 7,000 virtual students. Students can enroll in a variety of graduate, undergraduate, and certificate programs, as well as more than 200 online programs offered by FHSU.

The master’s in web development at FHSU is a 30-credit program that includes core and major coursework in areas such as informatics research methods, database design and programming, and front- and back-end web development. Students complete a capstone project at the end of the program.

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution. Students should enroll in the fall or spring semesters, according to the program. Regardless of where they live, all online graduate students pay the same per-credit tuition rate.

Graduation Rate: 44%

4. Southern New Hampshire University

SNHU was a pioneer in distance education, launching online programs in 1995. In its virtual classrooms, the university now enrolls more than 135,000 students and offers more than 200 career-focused graduate, undergraduate, and certificate programs.

The online MS in information technology from SNHU includes a web design concentration. Participants earn 36 credits by completing courses on topics such as website interface design, web development, and operating systems. Database design and software application development are two other related concentration options.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis at SNHU. Applicants are not required to submit GRE or GMAT scores, and they can begin the online program at any time during the year. Students can complete their degree in as little as 15 months. Out-of-state students do not pay a higher tuition rate at SNHU.

Graduation Rate: 54%

What Can I Expect From an Online Masters in Web Development Program?

Students must complete at least 30 credits of classes, experiential learning, and capstone projects to earn a master’s degree in web development. Students typically complete their studies in 18-24 months. The fastest way to graduate is by enrolling in accelerated programs; in these intensive tracks, distance learners apply relevant career experience to their coursework so that they graduate in about 12 months.

An online master’s in web development is a degree designed to provide the technological and critical thinking competencies needed to manage all aspects of website development. Students typically study these skills in areas such as user interface (UI), software engineering, management information systems (MIS) and computer science. Earning an online master’s in this field can aid professionals in gaining more managerial responsibility and authority over projects as well as increasing their earning potential.

The master’s in web development programs at many institutions are designed to give students the knowledge they need to work as well-rounded web developers. Graduates of these programs should possess an in-depth knowledge of elements like coding languages and server configuration, and will be able to supervise both teams working on larger projects and individual initiatives. A graduate degree in web development may also help students find jobs that provide more creative, fulfilling work environments than those offered by some technical support organizations.

Master’s degrees in web development prepare students for a wide range of careers in IT. Earning a master’s in this field can help students move forward, whether they are looking to begin a career in freelance work or a career at a well-established corporation.

The Internet has been around for decades, but that doesn’t mean its applications and usage have stagnated. In fact, web developers are constantly learning new ways to implement innovative technologies and techniques. A master’s in web development program will provide you with the latest in IT theories and practical application skills to help you remain one of the top talents in your field.

Online master’s in web development programs explore the theory and practice of building and promoting websites and applications delivered online. The curriculum of these largely online programs covers areas like Web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and , cloud computing and digital e-commerce. It also ensures a high level of understanding of database management systems (DBMS) like Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer, ODP.NET and PHP, highlighting the importance of Web programming languages like Perl, Python, Java, .NET

A master’s degree in web development is ideal for students who already have a bachelor’s degree in a field like computer science, information technology, or software engineering. Students can gain specialized knowledge about topics that aren’t covered in traditional computer science programs, such as website administration and cloud computing.

Admission Requirements for Online Masters in Web Development Programs

Prospective students in online master’s in web development programs are typically required to have an accredited bachelor’s degree with a minimum 2.5 GPA. If applicants do not have a degree in information technology, they may be required to take prerequisite courses in areas such as computer information systems and networking fundamentals.

A personal statement, 2-3 recommendation letters, and a resume are all acceptable application materials. GRE requirements vary by school, so check with an admissions counselor for specifics. For more information, please see our Graduate Admissions Guide.

What Courses Will I Take in an Online Masters in Web Development Program?

Courses vary according to the degree type and program focus. Students can expect to take core classes in database design principles, web application development, and digital layout and design, among other topics. Learners also examine emerging trends and technological innovations that may help shape the future of the internet through advanced electives and self-motivated research.

What Can I Do With an Online Masters in Web Development Degree?

The master’s degree in web development offered online provides qualified graduates with the opportunity to pursue one of the nation’s fastest-growing careers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), web developers and digital designers will experience an 8% increase in jobs between 2019 and 2029, which is about twice as fast as the average projected growth rate for all occupations nationwide.

As well, a web development degree prepares learners for careers in game  design, cloud computing, and software programming. After earning a doctoral degree, professionals can also work as researchers and tenure-track  college professors.

FAQs About Masters in Web Development Programs