Scholarships for Computer Science Majors

Scholarships for computer science majors

The field of computer science offers a wide range of career options. The median annual wage for computer and information technology occupations was $91,250, which was higher than the median annual wage for all occupations of $41,950 in May of 2019. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree may qualify for positions such as software developers and computer network architects, earning triple-digit salaries.

Getting an education is a worthwhile investment, so finding a way to pay for tuition can be a great idea. The cost of earning a degree can often be steep, however, financial aid can help by reducing or even eliminating your upfront costs. Funds are awarded based on different variables, such as your financial need, academic performance and/or volunteer & community involvement. Continue reading to learn more about the different financing options available to you.

Scholarships For Computer Science Majors

There are many different types of financial aid for computer science students. Computer science can be very expensive, and finding the right type of aid for your specific needs is important. To determine the best option for you, you should consider variables like interest rates, repayment options, and qualification criteria.

Federal Student Aid provides information on funds offered by the U.S. Department of Education, and this is a good place to start. The government offers a variety of loans with different repayment options. U.S. citizens must be enrolled in a college or university accredited by the American Council on Education. For more information, check out our guide to college loans or read our overview of the FAFSA.

If you are a computer science student, you can receive financial assistance to help cover your education costs. The best place to start looking for funding is with the school you plan on attending. Each school has differing resources available for students based on location, need, and merit. Not only will you be able to get funding from your school, but also other organizations that may offer financial assistance. These organizations fund different purposes which include: students who demonstrate academic excellence, grants for minority groups or students with disabilities, or helping students who demonstrate financial need. You will want to take advantage of all financial assistance opportunities in order to save money while in college.

Students may also qualify for a work-study program to help with education costs. These programs require students to work part time jobs for their school in exchange for wages that can be used to cover education costs. Students may contact their school directly to find out what options they may have.

Many computer science students look for scholarships to help with their education costs. Students in this field may qualify for a wide variety of programs and organizations, from the military to private organizations. Many scholarships can also be applied to studying abroad, one of the most rewarding experiences a student can have while receiving an education.

While the cost of education may be high, financial aid is available for computer science students. Read on to find out more about different options and determine your eligibility. It is important to start the process early — some options may be available on a first come, first serve basis.

Computer Science Scholarships

Computer science scholarships are available from government agencies, universities, corporations, nonprofits and other organizations. These opportunities provide a range of funding sources for students who wish to pursue studies in computing — whether they plan to major in computer engineering or take computer science courses as part of a double major program.

A Computer Science Scholarship will enable you to earn a higher education degree without incurring debt. Plus, you’ll graduate with the knowledge and skills necessary for career advancement in high-demand technology industries.

You will find below a list of the best scholarships and grants for computer science majors.

Featured Computer Science Scholarships

After deciding on your computer science program, you should consider your financial options. Scholarships for computer science students that reward those pursuing a STEM career can be found in the following section.

Computer Science Scholarships for Minorities

Scholarships are offered for underserved minority groups in an effort to bolster access to educational opportunities. The following is a list of scholarships for which qualified candidates may be eligible. Furthermore, feel free to browse our full list of financial aid opportunities for minority students.

Computer Science Scholarships For Women

Below is a list of computer science scholarships available to women. Additional opportunities may be found by reaching out to professional organizations, local schools, and exploring our list of scholarships for women.

Additional Financial Aid Resources

The type of financial aid offered by schools is largely dependent upon programs such as need-based or merit based, which are most often determined by your school. There are several financial aid opportunities that are available to students pursuing a computer science degree but these programs vary greatly from school to school. To apply for financial aid, you should calculate the cost of your computer science program to determine the best financing option for your situation.

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